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Python Packages



Sports Visualization - Python

Plot Scaled 'matplotlib' Representations of Sports Playing Surfaces.



NCAA Baseball - Python

Access College Baseball Data.



College Sports Recruiting - Python

Access College Sports Recruiting Data.



Women's Soccer - Python

nwslpy is a Python wrapper around the data generated by the nwslR package

R Packages



All Sports - R

The 'sportsdataverse' is a set of sports data packages that work in harmony because they share common data representations and API design. This package is designed to make it easy to install and load multiple 'sportsdataverse' packages in a single step.



Women's Basketball - R

A utility for working with women's basketball data. A scraping and aggregating interface for the WNBA Stats API and ESPN's women's college basketball and WNBA statistics. It provides users with the capability to access the game play-by-plays, box scores, standings and results to analyze the data for themselves.



College Football - R

A utility to quickly obtain clean and tidy college football data. Serves as a wrapper around the API and provides functions to access live play by play and box score data from ESPN when available. It provides users the capability to access a plethora of endpoints, and supplement that data with additional information (Expected Points Added/Win Probability added).



Men's Basketball - R

A utility to quickly obtain clean and tidy men's basketball play by play data. Provides functions to access live play by play and box score data from ESPN with shot locations when available. It is also a full NBA Stats API wrapper. It is also a scraping and aggregating interface for Ken Pomeroy's men's college basketball statistics website. It provides users with an active subscription the capability to scrape the website tables and analyze the data for themselves.



Baseball - R

Provides numerous utilities for acquiring and analyzing baseball data from online sources such as Baseball Reference, FanGraphs, the NCAA, and the MLB Stats API.



Men's and Women's Ice Hockey - R

A utility to scrape and load play-by-play data and statistics from the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF), formerly known as the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL). Additionally, allows access to the National Hockey League's stats API.



Soccer - R

Allow users to obtain clean and tidy football (soccer) game, team and player data. Data is collected from a number of popular sites, including FBref, transfer and valuations data from Transfermarkt and shooting location and other match stats data from Understat and fotmob. It gives users the ability to access data more efficiently, rather than having to export data tables to files before being able to complete their analysis.



Sports Visualizations - R

Create scaled 'ggplot' representations of playing surfaces. Playing surfaces are drawn pursuant to rule-book specifications. This package should be used as a baseline plot for displaying any type of tracking data.



Sports Visualization - R

ggshakeR is an analysis and visualization R package that works with publically available soccer data. The datasets (for now) include FBref, StatsBomb, and understat.



Sports Visualization - R

This packages allows you to create 2D animations of soccer tracking data in addition to do some player calculations.



Sports Betting - R

A utility to quickly obtain clean and tidy sports odds from The Odds API



Men's Ice Hockey - R

Various functions to scrape hockey play-by-play data from the NHL. It also contains functions to scrape data from hockey-reference, including standings, player stats, and jersey number history.



Men's Basketball - R

An R package for working with NCAA Men's Basketball play-by-play data from STATS, LLC's GameZone application. The package allows users to scrape team and master schedules as well as play-by-play data with shot locations into a tidy format.



Sports Visualization - R

Tools to help visualize Major League Baseball analysis in 'ggplot2' and 'gt'. You provide team/player information and 'mlbplotR' will transform that information into team colors, logos, or player headshots for graphics.



Sports Visualization - R

A set of functions to visualize College Football analysis in 'ggplot2'



College Football - R

A set of functions to estimate outcomes of fourth down plays in NCAA football and obtain fourth down plays from ESPN



Women's Soccer - R

nwslR is an R package that allows users to access datasets for the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Founded in 2013, the NWSL is the United States’ top professional women’s soccer league, featuring players from all over the world.



Softball - R

A tool for accessing the data hidden on ESPN, NCAA, and a few others. Scrapes player boxes, team boxes, play-by-play, rankings, team stats, individual stats, and whatever else I can find online.



Soccer - R

A utility for working with American soccer data. A scraping and aggregating interface for ESPN's MLS and NWSL statistics.



College Sports Recruiting - R

As a college sports recruiting package, recruitR provides users with the access to 247 Composite rankings and recruit information from the CollegeFootballData API.



American Football - R

A package for importing, manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data related to football punting. Uses play-by-play dataframes in the format used by nflscrapR and nflfastR.



Chess - R

A set of functions to enable users to extract chess game data from popular chess sites, including Lichess and and then perform analysis on that game data.

Node.js Packages



NFL - Node.js

An api for fetching historical or real time games. Created for NFL player props betting.